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MAGGI® Desi Cheesy


Product Information

Cheese goes Desi style! Perfect taste of rich, creamy cheddar cheese with your favourite Masala taste


Product Ingredient

INGREDIENTS: Noodles: Refined wheat flour (Maida), Palm oil, Iodised salt, Wheat gluten, Thickeners (508, 412), Acidity regulators (501(i), 500 (i)) and Humectant (451(i)). Desi Cheesy *TASTEMAKER®: Milk based mix (Milk solids, Sugar), Cheese powder (Cheddar cheese (10.4%), Maltodextrin), Noodle powder [Refined wheat flour (Maida), Palm oil, Iodised salt, Gluten, Thickeners (508, 412), Acidity regulators (501(i), 500(i)), Humectant (451(i))], Mixed spices (12.7%)[Dried garlic, Dehydrated onion (3%), Red chilli bits, Black pepper bits (1%), Nutmeg powder, Turmeric powder], Sugar, Iodised salt, Corn savoury powder (Corn starch, Iodised Salt, Yeast extract), Thickeners (412, 508), Palm oil, Dehydrated coriander leaves (1%), Oregano bits (1%) and Acidity regulator (330). CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOURS (NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES).

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Product Nutrition

per 100g per serve %GDA per serve
Energy (kcal) 439 266 13%
Protein (g) 9.6 5.8 12%
Carbohydrate (g) 65.7 39.7 15%
-Total sugars(g) 2.5 1.5 2%
-Sugar (Sucrose)(g) 1.5 0.9 -
-Fibre (g) 2.2 1.3 5%
Total fat (g) 15.3 9.3 13%
-Saturated fat (g) 7.2 4.3 22%
-Trans fat(g) 0.13 0.08 -
Sodium (mg) 1362 824 34%
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